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Eucalyptus Vase, A4 Unframed Original Oil Pastel Artwork

Eucalyptus Vase, A4 Unframed Original Oil Pastel Artwork

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An original piece of artwork painted by Stacey Rosser.

‘Eucalyptus Vase’. A grey handled vase, filled with eucalyptus on a vibrant orange, black and brown background.

Add some colour and life to your walls with my bright artwork originals.

Medium used- Oil pastels
A4 artwork on 210 GSM card.

Signed by artist.

Artwork arrives unframed and with free delivery. Please note that oil pastels are never fully dry and therefore I advise framing behind glass to keep your artwork protected!

Care information


Occasional spillages will not damage your furniture, however all spillages should be cleaned up promptly.

Avoid placing cups/glasses directly on your furniture, always try to use a coaster.

Be especially careful with alcohol/makeup/nail polish remover as this will stain your furniture.


Temperature changes can cause damage to painted or wooden furniture over time. If you can, ideally place your furniture somewhere that is less exposed to rapid temperature changes within your home.


In order to keep your furniture in the best condition I would advise to clean weekly, using a damp lint free cloth and dry thoroughly with a dry cloth. 

For furniture that has been sealed with wax you can apply a clear wax once or twice a year to maintain water resistance and shine. (I recommend ‘Rust Oleum’ clear furniture wax). NOTE This only applies to chalk painted furniture.


I recommend using felt backing for large items such as lamps and ornaments to avoid marking your furniture. 


Make sure the area you intend to paint is clean and dry. Using a small amount of paint on your brush, touch up the necessary area and allow it to dry for at least four hours before applying a second coat.

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