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😩Do you get overwhelmed when decorating and designing your home? 
😫Do you struggle to know where to start?
😫How do you even begin creating a mood board?!
🎉Do you want to create a home that you love, that makes you instantly happy when you walk through the door?
🎉Do you want the secrets to creating that professional designed feel without having the budget for one?!
🎉Do you want to feel proud of your home and happy to entertain guests instead of feeling embarrassed about your space?! 
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How to create a cohesive and curated feel in your home
How to gather inspiration for your interior projects

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‘I find choosing and sticking to a theme quite difficult when decorating rooms in my house, and ‘Curating Your Home’ helped me stay on track. I found the sourcing samples and mood board section particularly helpful and am now waiting on the last bits to arrive for my bedroom renovation. So far it looks better than I could have imagined!’ - Jane

‘My spare bedroom has already been decorated however it just didn’t feel quite right, after reading Curating Your Home, I made a few tweaks inspired by the eBook and now absolutely love it. I can’t believe how much value the eBook has considering it is free!’ - Lauren

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