Creating A Cohesive Home That Flows Seamlessly!

Creating A Cohesive Home That Flows Seamlessly!

Today, I am going to talk to you about how to make your home feel cohesive, that’s if you want to of course…
Some people love the idea of having each room wildly different. And that’s totally okay! If that’s not you then you’re going to want to read this! 👇🏻

I personally like my home to blend seamlessly together moving from one room to the next, with each room having its own personality and a nod to the previous room and a nod to the one about to follow. I like to look from one doorway to another and see that everything looks cohesive and pretty from all angles, even down to the reflection of mirrors!
So, how can you make your home feel connected without each room seeming like a copy and paste job?

My favourite way is to have a colour theme. This doesn’t mean each room has to be the same colour. You can pick a separate colour palette for each room, however I recommend picking one colour that shows up consistently in each room.
Let’s take green, this is my favourite colour and it is my ‘colour’ that shows up in each of my rooms at home. 

In our kitchen the cabinetry is green. The kitchen is physically connected to our living room, and in the living room green is introduced through prints and some large plants.
Kitchen panelling with green kitchen cabinets
Our cabinets are a dark but muted green.
I also LOVE Matisse, and we have his prints in our kitchen, living room and hallway!
In our bathroom I tried to introduce green by painting it on the bath panel and while it looked okay, I didn’t bloody love it, and if you don’t bloody love it then IMO it can’t stay! So I’m going to repaint it ‘Vulcan’ (a dark graphite from Little Greene), that will match the rest of the panelling and wood work in the bathroom! I have instead introduced lots of green foliage in our bathroom and it feels very spa like because of them!
Glazed bathroom tiles, with bamboo and bathroom accessories
As you can see, we have used the same scaffold boards in the bathroom to create a ledge in our shower as the shelving in the kitchen, we have used a lot of raw wood around the house.

Our bedroom is currently a work in progress and I haven’t yet finalised the design. It’s the room I’ve struggled with the most as the ideas didn’t naturally flow for this space. If you find yourself struggling to see what a room needs I recommend always taking your time, sticking up samples temporarily living with them and seeing what you are drawn to most, you can also see how things look in different lights. This aside we have made a start with some panelling and the furniture. I have had these Ikea bedsides for years, a long time before I started Stacey’s Furniture Shop. Obviously one of my main ethos’ is to upcycle and save furniture from landfill. So it was only right to give these Ikea units a fresh look rather than opting for new (because if I am completely honest, I really didn’t love them anymore). I’ve painted a green scalloped effect on them and they are now completely transformed and also so much fun! We also now have a pop of green in the bedroom that works with the rest of the house.

Green scalloped effect bedside tables
Let me know if you want to learn how I easily created the scalloped effect on my bedsides by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post! 
If you have some furniture that is no longer working for you and your space, get in touch to find out how I can transform it for you! If you want to read more about my commission service then click here and check out some examples of my work.
The colour you pick does not have to be the exact same shade in every room of your house! If your colour scheme is pink for example, you could use a range of shades from the pink colour family to create depth and interest whilst creating a cohesive feel throughout! 
Pink colour range palette

Another way to keep your home feeling cohesive is to include a theme.
Some ideas could be-
⭐️ Plants
⭐️ Artwork
⭐️ Vase or ceramic collection
⭐️ Vintage furniture
⭐️Similar re occurring patterns through textiles and textures
⭐️Raw materials such as wood

For example, if your chosen theme is artwork, you can make each room individual by having different styles of artwork and/or displaying them differently. For example, in one room you may have a gallery wall displaying all your prints or family photos and in another you could display one large/oversized print or artwork.
Neutral sofa with artwork above Neutral Matisse print
We have used a mixture of sizes for our prints and display them in groupings or solo
I talk to you a lot about, what’s hot in interiors right now, and that’s great if you want to stay on trend try them out and be experimental. But, what creates the best kind of home and that homely feel, is when you decorate for yourself and go with what you love. Pick the colours that sing to you rather than just because they are trending right now.
I personally will never be painting my walls candy colours even if they were the only paint options left on the shelf. BUT that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t OR that I wouldn’t dabble in a few candy coloured accessories! Do what feels good for you, and leave what doesnt! 
Stacey, styling a client bedroom

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