How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

You’ve seen a pretty bouquet at the supermarket that’s caught your eye. Bring them home only to find the flowers limp the next morning in their vase. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there! Adding fresh flowers to your home can not only add colour but also brighten your mood. My favourite flowers are tulips and especially at this Spring time of year I often get tempted as soon as I see a pretty bouquet, but sometimes they just don’t last that long!
So today I’ve got a few tried and tested tips for you, to keep your supermarket flowers fresh for longer.
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Make sure there is no foliage in the water. Not only does this help them last longer, but also makes for a better looking display when using a clear vase.
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Even if your flowers are the right height for your vase, make sure you cut the ends, cut them clean and at an angle. The reason for this is, it creates a larger surface area for the stem to absorb more water. 
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Ensure you use a clean vase, wash it out with soap and water and rinse well, we actually put all our vases through the dishwasher (providing they are dishwasher safe, of course).
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Refresh the water. As flowers are prone to bacteria that builds up when the stems sit in water, changing the water in the vase every few days will help keep them fresher for longer. Even if the water hasn’t been used up, and this will also help eliminate the smell that often develops if you let them sit for a long time.
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Rearrange the flowers and remove stems/foliage as needed. Naturally some stems are going to last longer than others, so remove the ones that aren’t looking so great and keep your arrangement looking fresher for longer! 

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Now I’ve saved this next tip until last because it hasn’t given me great results both the times I’ve tried it and therefore cannot guarantee it will for you either! I saw a hack on TikTok where you add a spoon of sugar when your blooms have gone a bit droopy and they bounce back to life and had to give it a try!
-The first time I tried with tulips and the next morning absolutely no change
-The second time again with a different bunch of tulips, they definitely were slightly more perky.
If you do try or have tried this, leave a comment and let me know how you found it, I would love to know!!
I really hope that you found these tips useful and that your cut flowers will now stay looking fresher for longer!! 🌷
Stacey x
Stacey, arrange tulips in bedroom
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I always put sprite in the water of my flower arrangements. Put the diet kind once and nothing happened so sugar it is! If you use Vimto or another coloured soda then sometimes the petals will change colour.

Jane Ivems

Stace, the tip regarding sugar is a winner! I had tulips last week and they dropped within the day. I cut the bottom of the stem on a diagonal, I then split the stem by cutting upward and added a teaspoon of sugar to my vase. The next morning they were sitting perky and had an extra few days life! 🌸


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