Farrow and Ball’s latest colour release of 11 beautiful shades, 2022

Farrow and Ball’s latest colour release of 11 beautiful shades, 2022

If you love Farrow and Ball like I do, it won’t be news to you that they have just released 11 brand new colours. In fact they haven’t released new colours to their colour card for four years, so when the newsletter to the new shades landed in my inbox a few days ago I was super excited
As always, the shade names are pretty out there, ranging from ‘Bamboozle’ to ‘Whirlybird’ and one that you could consider slightly more mainstream, named ‘Wine Dark’.
Although I am yet to try any of the new colours, I wanted to share with you my three favourites from the new Farrow and Ball 2022 range at first glance, and I would also love to know which is your favourite, so do leave me a comment!!
Wine Dark is a rich, dark blue and is definitely my favourite of all the 11 new shades! Blues pair well with so many colour schemes and are versatile whilst keeping a scheme sophisticated!
Farrow and Ball describe ‘Wine Dark’ as more sophisticated than ‘Stiffkey Blue’ and more upbeat than ‘Hague Blue’ ( which has always been my go to blue from their range although this shade could be the game changer)!! According to their website ‘Wine Dark’ becomes richer in low lighting and is therefore perfect for using in intimate spaces! The complimentary white suggested for this colour is ‘Ammonite’.

Wine Dark Farrow and Ball colour 2022.

Eddy is a calm and soft green and I feel drawn to it particularly for its soothing vibes and calming nature. 
This colour is said to be ‘named after the circular currents enjoyed by wild water swimmers as a natural jacuzzi’. A perfect shade to connect the outdoors with the in, to create calm and relaxing spaces. This colour would pair perfectly with natural materials and textures such as wood, rattan or seagrass and would work beautifully in a garden room, conservatory and I can even visualise it used for the interior or exterior of a rather cute outdoor potting shed! Farrow and Ball suggest the complimentary white for this colour is ‘School House White’.

Eddy Farrow and Ball colour 2022


Templeton Pink is a warm, welcoming and historic feeling pink and Farrow and Ball state this colour was ‘developed for the dining room at Templeton House to offset the magnificent Wedgwood plaques’. Yet they also say that it equally looks great in contemporary spaces too. Templeton Pink apparently becomes a much deeper shade in low lighting and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, it sounds absolutely dreamy, and I cannot wait to try it out, I think this shade would work perfectly for a bedroom, paired with neutral linens and different textures! The complimentary white suggested for this colour is ‘Stirabout’. This is also one of the new 11 shades and one I am yet to try! Templeton Pink Farrow and Ball 2022

So what do you think? Which is your favourite? Or do you prefer one of the other new F&B shades? I would love to know what you think so do leave me a comment and let’s chat! 

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