How to create a concrete paint effect in four simple steps

How To Create A Concrete Paint Effect

The concrete interiors trend has been around for a while now and it doesn't seem like its going anywhere fast! *YAY* Concrete interiors exude industrial vibes and can be introduced into your home through a variety of ways. Whether through smooth or textured finishes, floor to ceiling accent walls, kitchen counter tops or bathrooms sink and tiles!
In shops and online you will find many concrete/concrete effect home accessories in the form of vases, clocks, planters and candle holders to name a few. They are the perfect way to introduce small accents of the concrete goodness without spending too much money.
So if you want to dip your toes in to this trend yet a concrete sink or concrete floor sounds a little daunting to you, why not try some upcycling and create your own concrete effect accessories at home following my simple 4 step guide showing you how I created these beauties below!
Candlestick holder painted with a concrete effect
I chose candlestick holders for this project as I think there is something beautiful about a warm glowing white candle paired with the cold textured surface of concrete, however you can choose pretty much anything in your home to create this effect upon.
You will need-
-Black/dark paint
-White paint
-Beige/stone colour paint (optional)
-Newspaper/magazine to protect your work surface
-Chosen item to decorate
Fusion mineral paint, brushes and sponge Candlesticks for upcycling
Step 1
Take your magazine/newspaper and lay out to protect work surface, (as you can see I have used a P&O cruise brochure, not an AD I just have extreme cruise withdrawals).
Step 2
Make sure your chosen item is clean and dry. Apply random brushstrokes of black paint to your chosen item, do not cover the whole item, leave some gaps. It doesn't matter if some areas are slightly thicker as we are trying to create a textured surface however try to avoid paint runs and drips.
Step 2 black brushstrokes applied
Step 3
Using a clean brush apply random brushstrokes in white paint to the non painted areas this time making sure everything is covered. If you do this whilst the first coat of black paint is still wet the colours will begin to blend together. 
Step 3 white brush strokes applied
Step 4
Whilst the paint is still wet take your sponge and dab paint in all colours blending them together as you go and building up a textured appearance. Obviously the more white you add the lighter your finished piece will be the more dark paint you add the darker the finish will be.
And voilaaaa your very own concrete effect makeover. 
Candlesticks painted with concrete effect
If you found this tutorial helpful let me know in the comments and tag me on Instagram @Staceysfurnitureshop as i would love to see your own makeovers!
And if you love my candlestick holders as much as I do you can purchase one here on my website!
Sideboard styling with candlestick holder
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